Released in August of 1997, Kick Your Ass marked the recorded debut of guitarist Jeff Jefferson, who had joined the band in February of 1996. This LP stays true to the pure rock 'n' roll sound that won heaps of praise from critics and fans on Live For Buzz and Shake Break!. Among its many crowd-pleasers are the new dance crazes "The Flop" and "Do The Stand," along with Tom Jorgensen's autobiographical postal-worker paean, "I'm The Mailman." Ironically, the album's release was delayed a couple of weeks because of a UPS strike in progress at the time. Order it here!
Kick Your Ass insert back cover
______Track Listing______
  1. Pool Hoppin'
      (Tom & John Jorgensen)
  2. Wild Wild
      (Tom Jorgensen)
  3. I'm The Mailman
      (Tom Jorgensen)
  4. This Must Be The Place
      (D. Lambert-L. Pegues-N. Levenson)
  5. Better Times
      (John Jorgensen)
  6. Do The Stand
      (Tom Jorgensen)
  7. Creation
      (Tom Jorgensen)
  8. Super Stuff
      (B. Brian)
  9. Daddy's Little Girl
      (Tom & John Jorgensen)
  10. Can't Explain
  11. Back Here Again
      (John Jorgensen)
  12. Rip It, Rip It Up
      (F. Monday)
  13. The Flop
      (John Jorgensen)
  14. My Guitar
      (Tom Jorgensen)

  • Recorded at Reflection Sound Studios
  • Produced by Jeff Walls
  • Engineered by Mark Williams
  • Mastered by Vic Anesini
  • Photo by Stacy Zafares
  • Design by Pete Ciccone
Kick Your Ass back cover