Shake Break!
Shake Break!, the Swingin' Neckbreakers' second lp, was unleashed on an eager public in September of 1995. The album features powerful originals like "Wait" and "The Answer Is No"; "Action Kid" offers a poppier approach to the Neckbreakers' sound. The band continues to choose cover material from diverse sources: garage rock is represented by "That's The Way My Love Is" (The Trolls), among others, while one of the Neckbreakers' most popular live numbers, Glen Barber's "Ice Water," began life as a western swing tune. The trio also pays tribute to Rock 'n' Roll icons Chuck Berry, Little Richard, and Bobby Fuller. Order it here!
______Track Listing______
  1. Wait
      (Tom Jorgensen)
  2. Mighty Mack
      (Tom Jorgensen)
  3. Ice Water
      (Glen Barber)
  4. That's The Way My Love Is
      (Fred Bescher)
  5. Help Wanted
      (Tom Jorgensen)
  6. Shakedown
      (Bobby Fuller)
  7. The Answer Is No
      (Tom Jorgensen)
  8. I Wanna Be Your Driver
      (Chuck Berry)
  9. Action Kid
      (Tom Jorgensen)
  10. I'm In Love With Me
      (Tom Jorgensen)
  11. You're Gonna Make Me
      (Jon Williams)
  12. A Thousand Times A Day
      (Tom Jorgensen)
  13. Get Down On Your Knees
      (Leone - Brown - Whitehouse - Seger)
  14. The Girl Can't Help It
      (Bobby Troup)
  15. Brown-Eyed Girl
      (T.R. Fogerty - J.C. Fogerty)

  • Organ on #5: Dave Amels
  • Harmonica on #3 and #15: Tom Bergin
  • Produced by Kurt and Rick Reil at The House Of Vibes
  • Mastered by Vic Anesini
  • Photography by John Apai
  • Artwork by Big Al at Astro
this looks familiar
S h a k e   B r e a k !