After a 2½ year wait, the Swingin' Neckbreakers finally return with their newest album, The Return Of Rock! Not that that Neckbreakers had disappeared during that time -- they'd continued to play regularly around the US (and even made a trip to Spain!), and a couple of new recordings trickled out here and there, as you can see by the discography. Still, old and new fans alike had been eagerly looking forward to another full-length release and The Return of Rock proves to be well worth the wait. If you haven't already picked it up you can order it here!
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______Track Listing______
  1. So Less (3:47)
  2. Definition Of Love (3:07)
  3. Us Against The World (3:49)
  4. Mystery Woman (2:24)
  5. Hail To The Baron (2:23)
  6. I'm In A Band (3:14)
  7. Mad Tea Party (3:28)
  8. One Potato Two Potato (2:26)
      H. Kaplan-Al Nichol-J.Tucker
  9. Puttin' Up A Fence (3:53)
  10. Let's Have A Jam (3:01)
      T. Jorgensen-J. Jorgensen
  11. Stop, Drop, Wiggle (2:32)
  12. Little Miss Copycat (2:55)
  13. So Good (3:14)
  14. Can't Stop (3:24)
All songs written by Tom Jorgensen except where noted.

  • Produced by Mark Williams and
    The Swingin' Neckbreakers
  • Engineered by Albert Caiti and Grace Falconer
  • Recorded at Coyote Studios. Mixed at
    Omega Studios
  • Eric "The Whip" Fontana - farfisa on "So Less,"
    "Puttin' Up A Fence"; Hammond B-3 and piano
    on "Can't Stop"
  • Lars Espensen - sax on "I'm In A Band," "So Good"
  • T. Lance - backing vocals on "Hail To The Baron"
  • Individual photos by Jet Weston
  • Group photo by Laura Pedrick
  • Painting by Robert Piersanti
  • Special thanks to Evan Davies
  • Layout by Big Al
Inside right of Return Of Rock insert
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